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The art of jewellery for generations long

Our Story

Uri Huanca Story

Urin Huanca, “Urin” comes from the quechua word that means “Deep” and Huanca means “Stone”. A family-run business, UH takes pride in manufacturing authentic and traditional Peruvian jewellery since 1939. Our history lies in the beautiful town of San Jeronimo de Tunan in Huancayo, which is known for its master jewellers, who have been contributing to the develop of the Peruvian jewellery industry.

Uri Huanca Story

UH moved to Lima in 1985 and gathered a group of master craftsmen and silversmiths, who are experts at preserving the Peruvian jewellery-making art but at the same time using modern styles. The ancestral designs of our jewellery are adorned with innovative and contemporary artwork embellished with high quality finishes.

Uri Huanca Story

We have sealed the family values in our business practices and this has enabled us to show you the quality and innovation of our timeless designs. We, the third generation, are looking to cross borders to new destinations, but we promise to provide the finest quality jewellery made by authentic Peruvian craftsmen and silversmiths, who are driven by our zeal and zest for the heritage of UH.

Uri Huanca Story

We have participated in various trade shows, including JCK Las Vegas, the Hong Kong Jewellery Show, Peru Moda, IJL among others. Our wide range of products includes high quality silver and gold jewellery, our signature inlay silver jewellery embellished with natural shells, silver tableware and collectable pieces. We aim to boost employment in our hometown by creating job opportunities for Peruvian artisans.


Our dreams

We aim to become the market leaders at a national and international level in the industry of silver and gold jewellery, as well as collectable pieces to show the artistic heritage of Peruvian goldsmiths to the world.


Looking forward

We are dedicated to the production, marketing and exporting of silver and gold jewellery as well as collectable pieces adhering to ethnic, colonial and modern designs. We work towards preserving the art of authentic Peruvian jewellery and goldsmiths in domestic and international markets.



We take pride in spreading authentic Peruvian culture and the artworks of goldsmiths and silversmiths.


For 77 years, we have been masters of Peruvian craftsmanship and have been practising authentic Peruvian artwork with unparalleled dedication and passion, which is highlighted in all our products.


Introducing a unique harmony between Peruvian culture and modern market trends, we specialise in bringing innovation and uniqueness to all the jewellery we make.  

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